What is PHP-MST?

PHP-MST is a simple PHP implementation of My Status Tool by Andy Sylvester.

In Andy's words:

My Status Tool is an application that provides the basic posting and reading functionality within Twitter, but using RSS and rssCloud as the enabling technologies.

PHP-MST has the following functionality:

  • make a short post (although there is technically no limit)
  • add posts to a local file and build an RSS feed (min 10, max 50 items)
  • each post has a page
  • posts can be edited by double-clicking them in the timeline
  • posts are sorted by timestamp along with those from any other subscribed feeds
  • local storage for remote posts and display limited to 100
  • initial reply functionality using a new 'mst' namespace
  • an admin page for feed subscription & removal and other settings

PHP-MST uses Emanuil Rusev's Parsedown library for Markdown and my forked version of David Grudl's RSS-PHP.

It doesn't auto-refresh but prompts when your subscribed feeds have been updated so you can manually reload the page.

To do:

  • clean up some inline CSS in /admin
  • possible support for rss enclosures (podcast)