More details


In January 2023, Andy Sylvester started work on an app with the working title 'My Status Tool':

an application that provides the basic posting and reading functionality within Twitter, but using RSS and rssCloud as the enabling technologies

I then created a PHP implementation to demonstrate interoperability between systems. We have since been working on improving these tools and interop.

The details

RSS is mature, reliable and extensible so is an ideal means of transmitting status-like information and, with the addition of rssCloud, tools can provide instant updates. When posting to an MST instance an RSS feed is built and an rssCloud server pinged so that anyone subscribed to that feed will get an (almost) instant update.

Intentions for use

A MST instance would provide for the ability to 'reply' to status posts and, on doing so, the unique address of the original item would be included as the mst:reply value.

This is an initial version of the spec and the tools are in their infancy; I would love for there to be a wider conversation around this.


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